What to Do on Your Family Vacation

It is that time again, the time to contemplate a family vacation. It can be exhilarating to think about getting away together with your loved ones to have some fun and some rest and relaxation. One location you might contemplate visiting is the utterly unique and historic New Orleans. This is a city known for its amazing food, world famous Mardi Gras celebration, and Creole culture. It is also a city that is a big draw for music lovers. Whether you are a blues fan or a zydeco fan or anything in between, this is a location worth considering for your next trip.
If you have children, your family vacation will need to include outings that will keep the little ones entertained and smiling. Include visits to the Aquarium, Insectarium, and the zoo while you are vacationing in this most interesting of areas.
To give your trip as much flavor as possible, you may wish to combine it with a jaunt to Cajun Country, also known as Acadiana. Here you can enjoy a multitude of festivals, as well as a smattering of quaint small towns, bayous, unique music, and a rich Francophone history.
On your family vacation, bring the French Quarter to life by taking a stroll through it. This is the oldest area in New Orleans, founded in 1718 by the French. The architecture found here dates back to the time when the city was a colony of Spain. Take your time and do not rush through the French Quarter. Enjoy the appearance and appeal of the historic buildings and all of the free entertainment that is available to you and your family members. Take it all in as it truly is a feast for the eyes! There are plenty of five-piece bands that play in the street for the listening enjoyment of the passerby's.
Meander over to Jackson Square on your family vacation. There is a National Historic Landmark here that features a museum within it. Your children will enjoy the section that features the Mardi Gras. They can see costumes, floats, lots of color, and plenty of excitement. There are also special exhibits that are worth seeing such as the "100 Years of Zulu" which commemorates the Krewe of Zulu African-American Mardi Gras parade.
Ready for the Audubon? Located between St. Charles Avenue and the Mississippi River is the amazing 340-acre Audubon Park. It is home to the Audubon Zoo, which provides visitors with a real treat- the majority of the animals who live at the zoo can be found living in their natural habitats, which makes for a better life for each and every one of them. There are plenty of exhibits to see here and lots of festivals to attend throughout the year. For a family vacation, this location is a true winner!

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Anders Abadie