The New Acropolis Museum, Athens
New Acropolis Museum, Athens
It took 30 years to plan, nearly five years of construction, and 130 million euros, but Athens’ New Acropolis Museum finally opened in 2009.
Designed by New York-based architect Bernard Tschumi, it’s found only 400 meters below the south side of the Acropolis Hill, and the state-of-the-art interior showcases around 4000 treasures from the ancient Acropolis. Not included are the famous Parthenon Marbles that currently belong to the British Museum, but that Greece has been working hard to recover and place in this new space.
On the ground floor you can also see the recently-excavated remains of Athens’ 5th century BC streets, but that is the only ancient part of the building. This is a modern glass-walled construction, an ambitious project to make the country’s wonders of the past shine brighter in the present and future. It spans 2,500 years of history doing justice to the city’s ancient treasures.