The Leaning Tower of Pisa, Pisa

The famous leaning tower in Pisa, central Italy, is a symbol of the country. It is clear that if you go to Pisa in Italy, it is to see its famous leaning tower called "Tower of Pisa". In fact today, and since 2001, it is quite possible to visit the tower and go up quickly via a spiral staircase.

But the visit is not free and is done by a group of thirty people. It is essential to book in advance to avoid missing this attraction more, may not last long as the predictions of scientists.

It has become a symbol in Italy. His reputation has made it famous around the world. Some wonder if the tower is really leaning or if it is not an optical and especially if it was built and effect. So you can check for yourself and see that in fact the tower is tilted and information, it has always been and that for almost a millennium. Renovated many times, it is only within the last restoration it became visited.
Fortunately for the city of Pisa, there was not only his turn as an attraction. You can plan your vacation well in Pisa renting a hotel room and enjoy a half-day to visit the tower and the rest of your stay to discover other monuments.