The Heurtault Parasolerie or passion umbrellas

Michel Heurtault is the only craftsman in France to perpetuate the tradition of Parasolerie, that is to say the homemade umbrellas and parasols. In his Paris studio, everything is done by hand in the rules of art.

Unique know-how in France

The Parasolerie Heurtault is the only shop in France to make parasols and umbrellas to measure. The company's unique know-how is one of the Grands Ateliers de France since 2010 and was awarded the EPV label Living Heritage Company in 2011.

In this place dedicated to umbrellas and parasols, it offers both vintage patterns and contemporary designs. Each model is made and assembled entirely by hand from natural materials (silk, linen, wood, cotton).

This artisan umbrella tree also has specialty restoration umbrellas and parasols eighteenth century to the early twentieth century, with period materials and techniques.

A passionate creator

Michel Heurtault is fascinated by umbrellas from a young age. True self, he learned his craft by removing patiently umbrellas to understand the mechanisms.

Before achieving his childhood dream, he worked for 20 years as a costume designer and restorer of fashion accessories. In 2008 he opened the Parasolerie Heurtault to restore this forgotten art acclaim.

Today, Michel Heurtault has customers around the world and has the goal to convey his knowledge to future generations.

Exceptional items

Chez Michel Heurtault, the umbrella is not a simple utilitarian object, but a true work of art. It takes 5 hours and 10 working days depending on the model to achieve these beautiful umbrellas open or closed.

The Parasolerie Heurtault specializing in custom, especially given orders to the cinema or for weddings. Its umbrellas are expensive (from € 300) but a rock solid and last a lifetime: a beautiful gift made in France to offer or afford!

Did you Know?
Whales umbrellas are so called because they were once made with whalebone, that is to say the blades that adorn the mouth of the whale and that filter plankton!
par: Audrey