The GLII: a place for start-up in Paris

The GLII has nothing to do with a certain musical hit series ... The acronym for Grand Place Integrated Innovation means a new Parisian incubator of 1500 square meters. This place, which will open its doors in September 2013, has received financial support from Google. It will accommodate up to 200 start-ups in the heart of Paris.
The GLII Grand Place Integrated Innovation is scheduled to open in September, at 39, rue du Caire in the second district of Paris.
This new area of 1500 m² is dedicated to start-ups, digital and innovation. Its location was not chosen at random, many startups are already established in the Sentier district.
This project is supported by Silicon Sentier association that was founded in 2000 and has over 150 innovative companies Paris.

A project supported by Google

The budget for the future gIII amounted to € 2.4 million. This innovative site will be co-financed by various public and private partners:
• Regional Council of Ile-de-France (up 1.6 million)
• The City of Paris
• The Silicon Sentier Association
• private investors including Orange and Google.

Google announced a million investment over the coming years. The U.S. giant will also provide technological and human support in this project: a real boost for many start-up!

A crucible of innovation

The gIII is intended to accommodate start-ups, large companies, users and associations to give them access to the best tools and experts. It will organize meetings, events and training.

Specifically, this center dedicated to innovation propose coworking spaces and a café very welcoming, conference rooms and a start-up accelerator. Everything will be held to foster the emergence of innovative projects.
Through this project and others like it, it is all the Ile-de-France who wants to shine internationally, with Paris as "digital capital".
For more information, you can visit the Silicon Sentier (link below) association.
by: Audrey Vautherot