Rochefort, City of Art and History for 25 years

The year 2012 marked the 25th anniversary for the label "City of Art and History" by the City of Rochefort. Since 1987, Rochefort embarked on an awareness of the public and has developed numerous initiatives around knowledge, development and mediation of heritage. On this occasion, the heritage service leads during this year several actions to promote the cultural heritage of the city and invites residents and children.

Created in 1985 by the Ministry of Culture, the label "City or Country of Art and History" is assigned to territories who engage in an active approach to heritage education, architecture and framework life. The label is a tool of knowledge, preservation and enhancement. It covers all types of assets, both tangible (historical, architectural, industrial, landscape, local ...) or intangible (knowledge, traditions ...). At Rochefort, the signing in 1987 of the Convention "City of Art and History" was a highlight of the political rehabilitation undertaken since the 1970s heritage.

Today the City of Rochefort must take stock of 25 years of know-how instilled by the label "City of Art and History." The Heritage Service wishes to define a new strategy for action on heritage mediation, which will be recorded by the signing of a new agreement with the state.