Provins, WITNESS OF A SINGLE MARKET FAIR OF CHAMPAGNE twelfth and thirteenth centuries CITY ...

On the ancient lands of the Counts of Champagne, Provins is, from the year 1000, at the crossroads of European trade. The city gradually became a commercial center of the first order.

In the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, Provins culminated in the famous Champagne Fairs.

The urban plan is designed to accommodate the many merchants: wide streets for the convoys and the location of the stalls, the merchant houses three floors with sumptuous vaulted rooms ...

The presence of water (the Durteint and Voulzie) also promotes economic activity and the development of skills such as clothiers, parchment, butchers, etc..

The imposing walls, real anthologies forms are built during the thirteenth century in order to protect people and wealth, but also to show the power of the counts.

This chamber was then 5 km!

Eight centuries later, the whole city of Provins is the most authentic witness of the medieval history of the eleventh to thirteenth centuries.

Its built architectural heritage illustrates a formative period of Western history linked to the development of economic and cultural exchanges in Europe.

The city has 58 historical monuments or listed, real conservatory civil and religious military architecture.

Provins is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage since 13 December 2001.