PARIS The Beacon of Sophistication

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The French mastered the art of living, and their capital showcases it with the utmost sophistication. While the Louvre may be the world's unparalleled museum and the Eiffel Tower one of the most recognized landmarks, what has made Paris the world's most visited city is precisely that French art de vivre. The real draw is the city itself, its elegant boulevards, charming cafes and markets, glamorous boutiques, fine dining, the Seine, romantic visions, and of course, the art.
Paris is pure hedonism, which is why becoming a flâneur is as important during a visit to the city as seeing any particular sight. Sit at a café or bistro for a café crème and croissant, window-shop, grab a baguette at a market, have an aperitif before dinner, and indulge in haute cuisine.
Paris is in many ways the perfect city, so who can blame it for seeming self-absorbed, self-important, perhaps even narcissistic? While many outside visitors often diagnose its confidence as a superiority complex, Paris in reality is a very open and welcoming city. Its multicultural population has given it a revived creative energy, with traditional French chefs experimenting with global cuisines, young designers following international trends but incorporating a certain French touch, and a new generation of musicians placing the French language into cosmopolitan sounds.
So a stroll through Paris is following the footsteps of artists, intellectuals, philosophers, and lovers... It is finding architectural gems, an enticing café or shop, and exquisite corners down Montmartre, Marais, Saint-Germain-des-Prés, or Bastille... In short, Paris is the beacon of sophistication and the joys of city life.

Top 10 Sights and Attractions

  1. Visit the Louvre, the world's unrivaled museum.
  2. See the Eiffel Tower, one of the world's most famous icons.
  3. Admire the architectural details of the Notre Dame Cathedral.
  4. Don't miss the masterpieces of the Orsay Museum.
  5. Walk around MONTMARTRE's charming streets and go inside the SACRÉ COEUR BASILICA.
  6. See the extraordinary architecture of the Centre Pompidou and its modern art museum.
  7. Walk down the CHAMPS ELISEES to the TRIUMPHAL ARCH.
  8. Enjoy an outdoor café in ST. GERMAIN DES PRÉS and MARAIS, and go for a night out around RUE OBERKAMPF.
  9. Go for a stroll through RUE MONTORGUEIL followed by shopping at RUE DU FAUBOURG SAINT-HONORÉ and AVENUE MONTAIGNE.
  10. Marvel at the architecture of SAINT-CHAPELLE CHURCH.

Where to Stay

Look for the hotel or hostel that best matches your budget, type of trip or personality. Here you can guarantee a room but you do NOT pay anything at the time of booking. Payments are only made at the hotel and there are no booking fees. Most hotels allow cancellations with no penalty if done up to 24 or 48 hours in advance. You'll see that information at the time of booking and again in the confirmation email.

Eating and Drinking

Going to a café is an essential part of Paris' social life. It was invented as the meeting place of artists, writers, and intellectuals and many became institutions, remaining today as one of the city's best-known images. 

The French capital was also the founder of haute cuisine, and star chefs Joël Robuchon, Guy Savoy, Alain Senderens, and Alain Ducasse turn their restaurants into destinations. But you don't have to splurge at the many Michelin-star restaurants in order to eat well in Paris. All over the city you'll find good option