Languedoc-Roussillon, a country holiday open a mosaic of colors and an amazing range of traditions and landscapes.

In the Camargue, wild herds of white horses frolic in freedom. In the marshes, flown by pink flamingos, black cowboys gather and agile bulls. The headlights seem to stand and taunt one of the formulas that glide on the sea foam of the waves of blue sea. From Port Camargue giant catamarans spin to the skyline.

Fishing boats, them return to port, with a trail of clouds of seagulls. On the docks, tourists interested in wolves and sea bream, waiting patiently looking, a bit puzzled, perched on the jousting "tintaines" red and blue boats.

After an inlet used by barges, Sal Mountains dominate stretches of red water. A little further, the dunes are reformed. The beach stretches for 200 km with its welcoming resorts, naturist oases, Sète, the "singular island"-like Venice, a unique light on the Vermilion Coast and Collioure that inspired Picasso and Matisse.

And then there are those huts, planted on the sand just one summer. We will restore, you can taste local wines, and there bronze. They are exotic, trendy, sexy, glamorous. Choice. The lush golf courses of St. Cyprien and La Grande Motte are nearby. The hiking trails are plotted in the valleys that resemble Corsica, dominate the sea and ponds.

Heading South! The north wind sweeps new sandy beaches. Skete of surfers hanging on their multicolored wings stood in a blue sky. At the edge of the Vermilion Coast, divers sneak into the seabed or Banyuls Cerberus populated coral red and white stripes. The Pyrenees flow into the blue sea.

At the foot of steep cliffs are hidden coves. Creeks which, as a beach, a Roman arena, a museum, a medieval city bathed in sunlight ... are all pretty decorations for a holiday on the Mediterranean.