How to have fun with temporary budget

Here are some suggestions that will allow you to you and your friend (s), to have fun without completely emptying your bank accounts.

Be dramatic
You do not need to go to a theater razzle-l'oeil in town to see a good play. Educate yourself about the youth theater and other small troops you surely find quality shows at discounted prices.

Make up sharing
Instead of eating at a fancy restaurant, you could opt for an easy meal to prepare and inexpensive that you like, you and your friends. For example, why not organize a potluck where each guest brings a dish (appetizers, main course or dessert).

The Supreme Adventure
Ultimate Frisbee may be a very fun game, especially if you play with a great team or most of your friends do not practice the same sport.

Become the next Spielberg
Most phones and laptops and photo camera offers the option to make a video, so why not create a mini movie? However, it is important that the video is friendly, both for you and for others. Make sure you also get the permission of all those who appear in the video before publishing it online. Remember that once the video is online, everyone can see it!

Have a movie night at home
A night at the movies for two people can usually cost $ 20 or more (not including popcorn and candy). So find a friend who has a big screen TV, get yourself blown microwave corn, and lead you to the corner video store!

Game night with your family, your friends
You've probably seen those commercials on television evening games where all family members get together to chat, play and compete with each other. You do not necessarily need to play with your family to have fun.