At the threshold of the great south stands the majestic Ouarzazate, striking blend of oases, Kasbahs and flourishing valleys.

   A vast desert plateau that attract tourists from different nationalités.A the shade of palm trees, Ouarzazate moved leaving behind a rocky vastness swept by the winds of the Sahara. While the temperature can easily reach 45 ° C in summer or next door, we could see the snowy peaks of the High Atlas.Aussi benefits does this contrast to attract a lot of visitors: filmmakers, hungry for tourists adventures, writers seeking serenity and peace, and those who only want to spend a holiday.

  Ouarzazate has an extensive infrastructure: several resorts, luxury hotels, the car rental agencies, travel agencies, a golf course, a convention center and an international airport. In addition, it is the crossing point of many rallies, marathons and hiking.

   Ouarzazate is the Hollywood of Morocco. She has several film studios that could include "Atlas Corporation Studio" and "Kanzaman" studio they are not accessible to tourists during filming.

  Oases and mountains around Ouarzazate contain real wonders. The kasbah, splendid architectural remains with their adobe walls and towers, transport you to a world where time seems to have stopped.