The Parc of Sceaux: a place to relax at the gates of Paris

The Parc of Sceaux is a large public park of 181 hectares. 121 ha are located in the town of Sceaux and 60 ha that of Antony.

Now managed by the General Council of Hauts-de-Seine, this relaxation combines nature and culture, sports and playgrounds. It regularly hosts cultural events, concerts and exhibitions (see the official website below under News). Guided tours of the castle (fee) are also available.

If it is renowned for its French gardens typical of the seventeenth century, this park also offers large expanses of greenery suitable for walking or picnicking. You can also eat there in three kiosks relaxing with drinks, crepes and sandwiches.

The park is also known for his sporting career to try his family and sports complex Romper (including a swimming pool and football, rugby and tennis). Ball games are allowed on the lawns of the orangery and the nursery.

Please note: at certain times, it is possible to angling in the Grand Canal, the Little Canal, and the basin of the Octagon, provided you have a fishing APNLE issued by the Municipality.