Magic of Nature

Niagara Sainte Suzanne Reunion.
Location: 1 km from the town center of Sainte-Suzanne.

The Niagara waterfall is located just over a mile from the town center of Sainte Suzanne, a very nice and quiet in the fields of sugar cane site.

The path is fully concreted to the banks of the waterfall.

The Niagara waterfall is a waterfall formed by the waters of the River Sainte Suzanne, she throws herself from a height of about 25 m in a fairly large pool where you can swim.

During the rainy season, in hurricane season, the waterfall justifies its name by the impressive speed it can reach. In this case the swirling waters charged with furrowed land and breath caused by the fall evoke Niagara Falls States States. Caution still in the rain and after the cyclone, the waterfall, like any other of the island, is very dangerous! Its flow is very strong and its access is flooded.

Cascade emblematic of the island, the Niagara waterfall appears in several tours on-site audiovisual works, especially in the TV movie The Secrets of the volcano.