does it tell you something?

Marrakech is one of the destinations that are more than ever dream ... even if his old lover swear today no longer recognize their "Pearl of the South." The changing city can not be ignored.
A steady stream of visitors, stalls full of junk and a periphery changing with the construction of dozens of hotels and palaces promising total dream, the creation of a new town on the road to Safi, 7 km there, a mégastade the first kingdom in preparation for the African football Cup held in Morocco in 2015 ... All of which tend to make Marrakech a city scarred by tourism ... And yet, open your eyes, let yourself be carried by the colors, the smells, the undeniable charm of Marrakech, this bewitching and fascinating city!
The huge Jemaa el Fna and agitation (day and night!) Alone are worth the trip. It is also lost in the colorful and noisy souks, probably the richest, most diverse, the most fascinating countries. Thousand small businesses are everywhere. Tourism, often maligned, has greatly promoted the rediscovery of a flourishing craft today, and the rehabilitation of Marrakech architecture. Hammams area gab vendors everything and nothing added to the thrill of an unforgettable spell.
To understand and appreciate Marrakech, we have to stay a bit. So this imperial city will look like a jewel set in the natural setting that is not far, the High Atlas Mountains.