can Chadien tourism benefit from the crisis in the Sahel?

can Chadien tourism benefit from the crisis in the Sahel?

Long neglected and relatively unknown, destination Chad wants to win in the international tourism landscape. If N'Djamena manages to maintain a high level of security on its territory, the industry could overcome the consequences of the security crisis in the Sahel.

The kidnapping of seven French tourists, February 19, in northern Cameroon, may seize tourism projects in Chad, which, however, hoped not to suffer the crisis in the Sahel. Thirteen French tourists who were scheduled to fly on February 24, with 128 others to N'Djamena canceled their departure, complying with safety directives of the Quai d'Orsay, which has placed the country in the red zone since the intervention of the Chadian forces in Mali in January.

It is also not advised to go to Mauritania, Niger and Mali fortiori, where Malian army, French and Chad are engaged in fierce fighting with the jihadists. French tour operator Point Afrique, a specialist charter flights only serves no country in the region ... except Chad, which has not not known kidnappings of foreigners on its soil.

The French tour operator assures: Chad has found peace and security forces on the alert. Do not bother to give the next two flights scheduled from 4 to 7 March. Mid-February, even bypassing the warnings of the French authorities, the tour operator had sent the third time a hundred tourists in Faya-Largeau, north-eastern Chad.

If the security situation does not deteriorate in the country, the phenomenon of communicating vessels could take up tourism. Chad has only received 62,416 visitors between 2006 and 2008, but the ambition to receive 500 000 2020 and make the sector the second foreign exchange earner. To do this, do we assess the Ministry of Tourism, to invest - still - between 1275 and 637.5 billion CFA Francs (about 1 to 2 billion), increase the number of hotels and train 7 000 to 10 000 people. "Boureima Salouka"