Beautiful China

Valley Shuinan

This valley that consists of 14 villages spread over 126km2 of mountains and farmland operated by the Hakka people. The people are concerned with preserving the quality of the site, because the farm (cinnamon, honey, wood, citrus, rice) is one of the main sources of income of the valley Shuinan with the implementation of hydropower.

The village Licha

Dated 1218 BC, the ancient village of Licha has the distinction of having an octagonal shape. The layout of the houses form a labyrinth. This secular singularity earned him the title of "Oldest town of Guangdong Province" and a classification of the "Top 10 most beautiful old villages of Guangdong Province."

The seven stars of Zhaoqing

This site is one of the 10 most beautiful places in all of China. 7 stars Zhaoqing are represented by seven rocky peaks that rise to a body of water more than 8 km2. This place is a green gem in the center of Zhaoqing City, which has no less than 4 million inhabitants.