Kiev, relaxation garanted

If you feel like a change of scenery, Ukraine offers some nice surprises. Among the major destinations of the country's capital Kiev is famous for its churches and monasteries with golden domes.

Kiev is both the capital and the largest city of Ukraine. Since the fall of the USSR in 1991, the city became the capital of independent Ukraine. It is the economic, financial and cultural heart of the country.

The city has nearly 3 million inhabitants was founded in the fifth century on the right bank of the Dnieper. It now covers both banks of the river.

The Tower of London

The Tower of London, which stands on the banks of the Thames since William the Conqueror is one of the most famous symbols of the British monarchy. We invite you to discover the history and characteristics of the tourist must.

It is one of the most famous castles in the world. It lies on the north bank of the Thames in London, close to Tower Bridge which it gave its name.

Emblem of royal power, it is a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1988.
With several million visitors per year, it is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the British capital. It is probably part of his success to the fact that it houses the famous crown jewels.

The Carnival of Venice

The Carnival of Venice, which is now one of the most famous carnivals in the world, is synonymous with sophistication and elegance. This festival had its heyday in the eighteenth century, when the city was transformed into a giant costume ball. Time interrupted, this tradition now continues to the delight of tourists from around the world.

The Carnival takes place every year in February, during the 10 days preceding Ash Wednesday.
During this period costumes and festivities invest the city which is one of the most beautiful and romantic destinations in the world.
The famous Piazza San Marco, but also bridges of Venice and Carlo Goldoni theater are part of popular parades, traditional performances, music concerts and other festivities.

Tourists flock from all over the world to attend this event, so the Venetian hotels are booked several months in advance.

Visit New York

The city is nicknamed "the Big Apple" is one of the most cosmopolitan cities and fascinating world. She welcomes every year some 40 million tourists. We offer some tips for exploring New York and its legendary neighborhoods.

The city of New York is located on the mouth of the Hudson River and consists of five districts: Manhattan, Brookyn (connected to Manhattan by the famous Brooklyn Bridge) Staten Island, the Bronx and Queens.

The heart of the city is the island of Manhattan that is usually divided into 3 distinct areas: Downtown Manhattan, Midtown and Uptown.
Midtown is the central part of the island, is the place to visit to discover its towering skyscrapers, Times Square or the equally famous 5th Avenue.

A landscape dating back 750,000 years

The volcano of Agde between land and sea

At the heart of the blond sands, Agde volcano and its lava flowed gave our landscape and the natural wealth preserved.
Discover this incredibly wild and beautiful nature. The volcanic cliffs of Cap d'Agde and the gulf of "The Great Conch" with its black sand beach result of alternating underwater volcanic eruptions there about 750,000 years ago, south of the chain of volcanoes Auvergne.

A major destination

Philadelphia, also known as Philly is a town in north-eastern United States. Between New York and Washington DC, it is the fifth largest city in population and the main city of the State of Pennsylvania.

Even though it is less well known than its illustrious neighbors, it is a historical, cultural and artistic center of the first importance.

In addition to its exceptional heritage, this destination is appealing shoppers as buffs gastronomy. The first benefit of the bargain because there is no tax on clothing and shoes in Pennsylvania.

Others will enjoy the cosmopolitan local cuisine and its many specialties (cheesesteak, hoagies, soft pretzels and water ice). The Reading Terminal Market, which is the oldest covered market in the state, is a must stop for breakfast or a quick bite for lunch.

A winding trip

Visit the Gorges de l'Hérault on bike is a great way to experience a wide variety of landscapes. This circuit can travel 120 km in 3 hours or 3 days in walk mode. For you to explore at your own pace!

After passing scenery of forests and Mediterranean scrub, you will come without warning in Saint-Guilhem-le Desert (Great Site of France). The road follows the river Herault about ten kilometers before hitting the dizzying laces Valley Bueges.

It will lead you to the Ganges foothills of the Cevennes National Park where you can take the path of gentlemen glassmakers. Finally, this system while zigzag bring in Montpellier through landscapes of vineyards and scrublands.

I'm sure you'll have fun

Les Gets is a typical mountain village located between Morzine and Samoens Haute-Savoie. It offers unspoiled and mythical view of the Mont Blanc.

This station is located between Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc in the heart of the Franco-Swiss Portes du Soleil. You will find courses for all, young and old, beginners or experts.

Les Gets, warm hospitality and the many activities available to the delight of the whole family. This station where children are kings also received the Family Plus label.

Visiting Zagreb

Wanderful city to discover

utmost to discover

Zagreb is the cultural and political center of Croatia since the Middle Ages.
The city was born about a thousand years ago, when King Ladislas decided to establish a diocese and cathedral in the town of Kaptol. It later merged with the neighboring fortress Gradec what is now the historic district of the capital.

Too many visitors are crossing the city to get to the Adriatic coast. The capital of Croatia yet deserves stops time a weekend or short stay.

In addition to its well-preserved medieval heritage and religious buildings, it will seduce you with its wealth of museums and cultural life.

Beautiful China

Valley Shuinan

This valley that consists of 14 villages spread over 126km2 of mountains and farmland operated by the Hakka people. The people are concerned with preserving the quality of the site, because the farm (cinnamon, honey, wood, citrus, rice) is one of the main sources of income of the valley Shuinan with the implementation of hydropower.

The village Licha

Dated 1218 BC, the ancient village of Licha has the distinction of having an octagonal shape. The layout of the houses form a labyrinth. This secular singularity earned him the title of "Oldest town of Guangdong Province" and a classification of the "Top 10 most beautiful old villages of Guangdong Province."

The seven stars of Zhaoqing

This site is one of the 10 most beautiful places in all of China. 7 stars Zhaoqing are represented by seven rocky peaks that rise to a body of water more than 8 km2. This place is a green gem in the center of Zhaoqing City, which has no less than 4 million inhabitants.

The Parc of Sceaux: a place to relax at the gates of Paris

The Parc of Sceaux is a large public park of 181 hectares. 121 ha are located in the town of Sceaux and 60 ha that of Antony.

Now managed by the General Council of Hauts-de-Seine, this relaxation combines nature and culture, sports and playgrounds. It regularly hosts cultural events, concerts and exhibitions (see the official website below under News). Guided tours of the castle (fee) are also available.

If it is renowned for its French gardens typical of the seventeenth century, this park also offers large expanses of greenery suitable for walking or picnicking. You can also eat there in three kiosks relaxing with drinks, crepes and sandwiches.

The park is also known for his sporting career to try his family and sports complex Romper (including a swimming pool and football, rugby and tennis). Ball games are allowed on the lawns of the orangery and the nursery.

Please note: at certain times, it is possible to angling in the Grand Canal, the Little Canal, and the basin of the Octagon, provided you have a fishing APNLE issued by the Municipality.

Can tourism save France?

Can tourism save France?

Surplus and provider of jobs, the tourism sector could offset some of the decline of the industry. But this surplus is fragile. In this area also, France must improve its offer to stay in the race.
Last month, Louis Gallois has given the government a report outlining the extent of the de-industrialization of the French economy.
Possible measures to redress the balance are costly and can not be, at best, a medium term impact.
Would it not be better to finally build instead on other activities, such as tourism, to rebalance the country's external accounts?
France is certainly well placed in this area, but its performance is less flamboyant that they look and the prospects are not insured.
The Hexagon is currently the world's top tourist destination, and for over thirty years.
In 2011, 81 million foreigners visited France, a record.
Vincent Grimault 

can Chadien tourism benefit from the crisis in the Sahel?

can Chadien tourism benefit from the crisis in the Sahel?

Long neglected and relatively unknown, destination Chad wants to win in the international tourism landscape. If N'Djamena manages to maintain a high level of security on its territory, the industry could overcome the consequences of the security crisis in the Sahel.

The kidnapping of seven French tourists, February 19, in northern Cameroon, may seize tourism projects in Chad, which, however, hoped not to suffer the crisis in the Sahel. Thirteen French tourists who were scheduled to fly on February 24, with 128 others to N'Djamena canceled their departure, complying with safety directives of the Quai d'Orsay, which has placed the country in the red zone since the intervention of the Chadian forces in Mali in January.

It is also not advised to go to Mauritania, Niger and Mali fortiori, where Malian army, French and Chad are engaged in fierce fighting with the jihadists. French tour operator Point Afrique, a specialist charter flights only serves no country in the region ... except Chad, which has not not known kidnappings of foreigners on its soil.

The French tour operator assures: Chad has found peace and security forces on the alert. Do not bother to give the next two flights scheduled from 4 to 7 March. Mid-February, even bypassing the warnings of the French authorities, the tour operator had sent the third time a hundred tourists in Faya-Largeau, north-eastern Chad.

If the security situation does not deteriorate in the country, the phenomenon of communicating vessels could take up tourism. Chad has only received 62,416 visitors between 2006 and 2008, but the ambition to receive 500 000 2020 and make the sector the second foreign exchange earner. To do this, do we assess the Ministry of Tourism, to invest - still - between 1275 and 637.5 billion CFA Francs (about 1 to 2 billion), increase the number of hotels and train 7 000 to 10 000 people. "Boureima Salouka"


Located in Normandy halfway between Etretat and Honfleur, an extraordinary site awaits you: Abbey Harfleur!

At the heart of the city, the MONTIVILLIERS ABBEY historical monument, welcomes its visitors in a fully restored.
Founded in the 7th century by St Philibert Abbey Harfleur housed a community of Benedictine nuns until the Revolution. Eventually the buildings were assigned to different uses: Garrison Brewery and residential apartments. Thus, the monastery buildings, the oldest dating from the 11th century have been preserved and a site for tourism and cultural emerged: the MONTIVILLIERS ABBEY.
Since July 2000, the site offers a unique interactive exhibition "Heart of Abbeys" that will interest young and old. Guided by the most modern audiovisual techniques, you wander through the cloister, the chapter house, dormitory and discover the religious life marked by prayer, reading and daily work.
The journey continues in the dormitory of the 16th century where models and audiovisual presentation will reveal the beauty of the Norman abbeys.
Your tour concludes with a visit to the prestigious Gothic refectory welcoming place for temporary exhibitions open access.

Also enjoy WALK THE ABBEY, audio-guided walking tour (child or adult version) to discover the old town of Harfleur: the Church of St. Saviour - former abbey church - or the Romanesque and Gothic styles face the narrow winding streets with their houses timbered facade, the Hallettes, Hotel-Dieu, the temple, the remains of fortifications and a little off a remarkable cemetery of the 15th century: the maestro of Brisgaret.

All tours are available in several languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Dutch news in 2009.


The winter holidays are approaching, we are beginning to see emerge trend this winter season

The trend this year is positive with an important element in the eyes of operators, the snow is already covered mountains and at all altitudes. An important new approach to the opening of the largest ski areas in the Alps and Pyrenees mainly.
The Pyrenees are mostly open since early December and almost all Alpine resorts are ready to receive you.

The trend today is to offir good holiday and maximize this period to change your mind and leave daily.
The crisis is over there and if it was resteint recent years, we want to believe that the worst may be behind us. Snowfall in recent days have triggered among ski enthusiasts a desire to reserve their apartments, residence and chalets Mountain.

 In our ranking this year in the area major ski areas, the top 5 major stations from 2010 to 2011 is:
1. Chamonix
2. La Plagne
3. Tignes
4. Val Thorens
5. Megève

The first resort in the Pyrenees Saint Lary is followed by La Mongie.

Vacationers have booked accommodation for 4/5 people in general. Prices are down around 750 euros with a steady downward trend since the advent of internet booking sites.

The new 2010-2011 trend confirms the booking last minute. Skiers reserve for February vacation on average two months in advance.

? Christmas and New Year are in significant decline
This season, accommodation bookings for Christmas and New Year are down probably because the 2010 schedule is not favorable for departures during the holidays, December 25 and January 1 are Saturdays.


Isabelle RATTIER

Les endroits préférés des touristes français à l'Hexagone selon région et type de vacances...

Les Français sont, en grande partie, attirés par des vacances au bord de la mer et au vert. La France possède beaucoup de littoraux qui délimitent deux mers et un océan et proposent un grand nombre de stations balnéaires. L'hospitalité ainsi que la diversité des activités possibles au bord de la mer incitent les vacanciers à aller à la plage.

La campagne française est devenue la seconde destination de voyage la plus populaire. Les Français aiment avant tout la tranquillité de l'environnement rural, la beauté des sites naturels et les spécialités régionales. En hiver, ce sont bien entendu les stations de sports d'hiver, qui sont les plus fréquentées par les vacanciers.

Un autre type de vacances important est le court séjour citadin. Les touristes français effectuent de plus en plus d'escapades citadines. L'Hexagone possède un grand nombre de villes offrant un patrimoine architectural et historique unique, auquel les touristes français sont très sensibles. Beaucoup de sites de réservation en ligne profitent de cette nouvelle tendance et offrent des séjours-découverte comprenant la réservation du billet d'avion et de la chambre d'hôtel.

Concernant les zones géographiques, les vacanciers apprécient tout particulièrement la Bretagne, la côte Atlantique, le Languedoc-Roussillon ainsi que la Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur. Ces régions sont populaires, parce qu'elles concentrent à la fois des lieux de villégiature, des sites naturels à visiter, des équipements touristiques et un mode de vie unique, qui séduit toujours les Français.

Le budget consacré aux vacances par les Français est, généralement, modeste et l'importance de plus en plus accrue d'internet dans le secteur touristique a constitué une opportunité incroyable, autant pour les touristes que pour les tour-opérateurs. La preuve en est l'exemple du comparateur de vols sur internet, qui offre la possibilité de conjuguer de belles vacances avec un budget réduit.

The Amazing Dubai's Ferrari World

Opened at the Grand Prix Formula 1 United Arab Emirates in November 2010, the Ferrari Theme Park is an amusement park that should be talked about for years to come.
Located 20 minutes from Abu Dhabi, on Yas Island, this is an ideal occupation for a day with friends or family.

That cost hundreds of millions of euros to build, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is the largest indoor amusement park in the world. It was done entirely indoors in order to remain open all year round, even in summer when temperatures are very high.

Easily visible from the sky, a huge logo ferrari (the largest Ferrari logo in the world) is grafted on the huge red roof of the park.

The major attraction of the park is a roller coaster called "Formula Rossa". This roller coaster is the world's fastest. And it is true that his statistics are impressive:
it goes from 0 to 100 km / h in 2 seconds
it goes from 0 to 240 km / h in 4.9 seconds
its maximum speed is 240 km / h
visitors cashing 1.7B
the steeper curve is bent to 70 °
The speed is such that the occupants of the lead car must wear special glasses to protect themselves from the wind. The launching pad (right of photo) propels tourists at an impressive speed, sticking to the seat of the train as a formula 1. Thrills guaranteed.

Apart from the main attraction of the Formula Rossa, you can scare you in the G-Force Tower (a tower that propels you over 60 meters high), visit inside a Ferrari motor boat (an attraction bit disappointing), or 3D movie experience or dynamic cinema.
Driving simulators are also available to the public (in photo). The sensations are breathtaking in these simulators used by professional drivers. Warning, these simulators require that you book turn by getting a ticket in advance at the booth. Both professional simulators also require an additional AED 75 (the smaller ones are free), but the experience is worth it.

The park is open every day of the week except Monday. Schedules (subject to change) are listed on the site:

The park opens quite late (noon) but closes at 22h on weekdays and midnight on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. It is best to stay until closing, since this is where the queues are shorter.
Issue price, the entry was costing 225 AED early 2011. Food, one is forced to eat in the many restaurants of the park is quite expensive.

Magic of Nature

Niagara Sainte Suzanne Reunion.
Location: 1 km from the town center of Sainte-Suzanne.

The Niagara waterfall is located just over a mile from the town center of Sainte Suzanne, a very nice and quiet in the fields of sugar cane site.

The path is fully concreted to the banks of the waterfall.

The Niagara waterfall is a waterfall formed by the waters of the River Sainte Suzanne, she throws herself from a height of about 25 m in a fairly large pool where you can swim.

During the rainy season, in hurricane season, the waterfall justifies its name by the impressive speed it can reach. In this case the swirling waters charged with furrowed land and breath caused by the fall evoke Niagara Falls States States. Caution still in the rain and after the cyclone, the waterfall, like any other of the island, is very dangerous! Its flow is very strong and its access is flooded.

Cascade emblematic of the island, the Niagara waterfall appears in several tours on-site audiovisual works, especially in the TV movie The Secrets of the volcano.

Ifran: Beautifull moroccain city

Ifrane province has enormous tourism potential: varieties and diversities of paysageslacs and streams and a mild climate. Its natural resources make it a favorite tourist destination for hiking, hunting wild boar, partridge and the hare. The lakes are essential for fishing trout and pike. It is also a pastoral region and has an experimental station for the study of animal behavior.
This potential has led officials in the region to create a national park on an area of ​​53,000 ha and an excellent representative sample of the Middle Atlas mountains. This is where we find the largest cedar forest in Morocco. Finally, this region has the largest core camps and summer camps Kingdom.


At the threshold of the great south stands the majestic Ouarzazate, striking blend of oases, Kasbahs and flourishing valleys.

   A vast desert plateau that attract tourists from different nationalités.A the shade of palm trees, Ouarzazate moved leaving behind a rocky vastness swept by the winds of the Sahara. While the temperature can easily reach 45 ° C in summer or next door, we could see the snowy peaks of the High Atlas.Aussi benefits does this contrast to attract a lot of visitors: filmmakers, hungry for tourists adventures, writers seeking serenity and peace, and those who only want to spend a holiday.

  Ouarzazate has an extensive infrastructure: several resorts, luxury hotels, the car rental agencies, travel agencies, a golf course, a convention center and an international airport. In addition, it is the crossing point of many rallies, marathons and hiking.

   Ouarzazate is the Hollywood of Morocco. She has several film studios that could include "Atlas Corporation Studio" and "Kanzaman" studio they are not accessible to tourists during filming.

  Oases and mountains around Ouarzazate contain real wonders. The kasbah, splendid architectural remains with their adobe walls and towers, transport you to a world where time seems to have stopped.

the most expensive part of London

Although there are no formal limits to this subdivision of Westminster, it is commonly assumed that Belgravia is the most expensive area of ​​London. The average price of a home can easily reach 15 million. In the heart of London and its characteristic white stucco houses, the embassy district surprised by his calm.

It has hosted a plethora of personalities, Chamberlain to Margaret Thatcher, through Roger Moore, Mary Shelley and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Abrahamovic novel, the second richest in the country, it also has a magnificent property, which should, according to the Daily Mail, becoming the most expensive private house (170 million euros) in Britain once the construction work completed .

Traveling makes us oppen minded

Traveling makes us oppen minded

I can travel in dreams. And here is when I'm broke. I have often been in my life. The trip can be out of context and everyday routine (is a way to travel)

Sometimes it is unusual to find a luxury, but I also find myself sharing the difficult lives of some people.
I had a great experience in Kenya. Never schooling could not allow me to speak English. While grammar and all that is sometimes side, but the desire to share is so great that everyone is doing this and here is the miracle. We return all spruced up for the year. And then the opportunity to take photos. I am new but I discovered the pleasure of playing with colors.
There are colors, smells ....

Colombia, art of humain being

all countries apply the paint to be visited, but if we are looking for diversity and the nature, I recommend you British!
Because of its different altitudes by region, Colombia has an exceptional natural heritage is very rich and varied.
For gorgeous beaches, go to the desert of Guajira.
For diving enthusiasts, visit the Caribbean coast, Islas del Rosario National Park.
San Augustin, a declared World Heritage archaeological area to visit and Tierradentro is another archaeological heritage site of UNESCO should not miss,
Finally, the Ciudad Perdida is a magical place to visit. It is a city buried under the vegetation, where the Kogi Indians still live. And there's more, the inevitable Cartagena, Medellin beautiful when spring is eternally, Leticia for an unforgettable experience in the Amazon, I could write a book indeed!


In Dordogne Black Perigord Campaign camping nature and quiet Le Val de la Marquise offers rental cottages and mobile homes, swimming pool, wading pool, fishing pond on site. Face camping, climbing, hiking trails, mountain biking wall.

Beautifull isn't it?

Thailande: One of the most beautifull conuntry in the world

There are several Thailand. First, Bangkok, more than 12 million people, and urban megalopolis hyperactive monster where we lose with pleasure. Then the South, its islands, beaches and rocks rising up from the sea, its spicier cuisine, has a slightly different and Muslim influences. Finally, the Northern deep Thailand, with its old original founding kingdoms, its relaxed pace of life, its Buddhist temples, rich soil ... Three therefore Thailand, physically and culturally different.
However, from one end to the other of Thailand found national qualities: a strong identity, Siam was never colonized and has developed arts, culture and even an own alphabet. A strong sense of social conventions and politeness, modesty too much, calm and dignity. Strong religiosity and jointly quasi-reverence for the royal family, chosen by God (openly criticizing the king is actionable!). Finally, a lot of humor, and a strong appetite for everything from fun especially - Thai Epicureans, always ready to party, eat well and drink well.
Unfortunately, the mercantile spirit and the influx of tourists in places could distort the lovable character of Thais. So: coastlines vandalized transformation privileged sites in tourist ghettos, rising prices, profitability takes precedence over the service, etc..
That said, Muang Thai (etymologically, "the land of the free") remains one of the last countries in the world that so many quality ingredients for a successful recipe perfect vacation: wooden bungalows on sleepy beaches, vast rice fields and jungle-covered hills, living traditions, speedés businessmen and ancestral tribes, refined and varied cuisine at prices (still) ridiculous.

CNN surprised us

in 2012 CNN has published a ranking of the 10 most beautiful cities in the world. And surprise is Gordes dominates the rankings, ahead Miyajima Japan, Essaouira, Morocco, Savannah United States or Lucca in Italy. One other city in the ranking is in Europe is Plockton, Scotland, at the 7th position.

The American chain rents "the pretty central square and cobbled overlooking fields of Vaucluse which attracted artists including Chagall and Vasarely streets" in Gordes. CNN also raptures over the "lively open market on the square dominated by a Norman castle, the surrounding lavender fields and the Notre-Dame de Sénanque the 12th century."

The Poitou Charentes region among the 10 most beautiful regions of the world!

Among the 2012 winners of Lonely Planet, which stands as the global leader in travel guide publishers, two French territories in the spotlight: The New Caledonia and ... Poitou-Charentes.
Poitou-Charentes is indeed part according to "The Best Of 2012 Lonely Planet", which provides "a list of places to explore" 10 essential areas in 2012. A choice made by teams Lonely Planet, bloggers and travelers according to the publisher of guides.
"Three main criteria were used to develop this list in 2012: the news of the destination, its attractiveness and quality / price ratio" also says Lonely Planet.
Here is the complete Palmares:
The Welsh coast, Ruta Maya, northern Keyna or Sicily for example. Selection of 10 regions in Lonely Planet 2012: - Welsh Coast (Wales) - La Ruta Maya (Mexico) - North Keyna - Arunachal Pradesh (India) - Hvar (Croatia) - Sicily (Italy) - Maritime Provinces (Canada) - Queenstown and the Southern Lakes (New Zealand) - Borneo - Poitou-Charentes

does it tell you something?

Marrakech is one of the destinations that are more than ever dream ... even if his old lover swear today no longer recognize their "Pearl of the South." The changing city can not be ignored.
A steady stream of visitors, stalls full of junk and a periphery changing with the construction of dozens of hotels and palaces promising total dream, the creation of a new town on the road to Safi, 7 km there, a mégastade the first kingdom in preparation for the African football Cup held in Morocco in 2015 ... All of which tend to make Marrakech a city scarred by tourism ... And yet, open your eyes, let yourself be carried by the colors, the smells, the undeniable charm of Marrakech, this bewitching and fascinating city!
The huge Jemaa el Fna and agitation (day and night!) Alone are worth the trip. It is also lost in the colorful and noisy souks, probably the richest, most diverse, the most fascinating countries. Thousand small businesses are everywhere. Tourism, often maligned, has greatly promoted the rediscovery of a flourishing craft today, and the rehabilitation of Marrakech architecture. Hammams area gab vendors everything and nothing added to the thrill of an unforgettable spell.
To understand and appreciate Marrakech, we have to stay a bit. So this imperial city will look like a jewel set in the natural setting that is not far, the High Atlas Mountains.

have you ever heared about Agadir?

More than 6 km of sandy beach and sunshine make Agadir a foremost step for the rest, before (or after) have discovered the South. For those who want to leave a waterfront denatured (new Croisette is lined with palm trees still finding a certain charm), the hinterland is full of beautiful wonders (Highway Honey and Paradise Valley).

what do you think?

Did you know that ?
Rabat is the political and administrative capital of Morocco. It enjoys a wonderful climate, never less than 6 ° C in winter and no more than 30 ° C in summer. A rich historical past, this airy modern city and quiet keeps the walls that give a unique character. You can also visit the necropolis of Chellah or even the kasbah Oudaïa.

Why Tourism?

Why Tourism?

Tourism – an Economic and Social Phenomenon
Over the decades, tourism has experienced continued growth and deepening ‎diversification to become one of the fastest growing economic sectors in the world. ‎Modern tourism is closely linked to development and encompasses a growing number ‎of new destinations. These dynamics have turned tourism into a key driver for socio-‎economic progress.‎
Today, the business volume of tourism equals or even surpasses that of oil exports, ‎food products or automobiles. Tourism has become one of the major players in ‎international commerce, and represents at the same time one of the main income ‎sources for many developing countries. This growth goes hand in hand with an ‎increasing diversification and competition among destinations.‎
This global spread of tourism in industrialised and developed states has produced ‎economic and employment benefits in many related sectors - from construction to ‎agriculture or telecommunications.‎
The contribution of tourism to economic well-being depends on the quality and the ‎revenues of the tourism offer. UNWTO assists destinations in their sustainable ‎positioning in ever more complex national and international markets. As the UN agency ‎dedicated to tourism, UNWTO points out that particularly developing countries stand to ‎benefit from sustainable tourism and acts to help make this a reality.‎